Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menu Planning Mondays and (finally) an update on the resolutions

Menu for the week of 2/14
Monday - Meatball Subs
Tuesday - Queso Soup
Wednesday - Strawberry Spinach Salad with Bleu Cheese
Thursday - Chicken Nuggets and Mashed Potatoes (cleaning out the freezer before we move)
Friday - Pizza Fridays
Saturday - Bacon Parmesan Pasta
Sunday - Crockpot Sunday - Broccoli Alfredo Baked Potatoes

A quick review of my resolutions...
1. Run a 5K
2. Three runs each week
3. FlyLady routines
4. Fast food only once each week
5. Grow the blog

5K - Ha.  I still haven't run yet.  I think about it all the time (seriously, all the time), but I feel like I just don't have time.  We've been busy at work.  We've had snow days.  We're in the process of moving.  My new course load is crazy busy.  Excuses, excuses.  Ugh.  To get myself motivated, I promise promise promise to run at least one time this week.  I'm thinking Tuesday looks like a good day.  The weather is supposed to be nice.  I won't have any assignments due.  That's what I'm going to do.  I'm hoping after one run, I'll remember all the reasons I love it and keep going.

FlyLady - I love her program, in theory.  Parts of it work great and parts of it don't (for me, at least).  I've been thinking about working to modify the program to make it really work for me.  I still need to stick to the routines.  For the month of February I'm still going to work on the same things as last month ... Weekly Home Blessing (I did this one pretty successfully), shining my sink (I did it about half the time), and 15 minutes of decluttering each day (I really need to work on this to get ready to move!).

Fast Food - I did this ... mostly.  I know I had a few slip ups.  They've all been in the last two weeks though.  I think I've been feeling stressed and that's how I justified it.  Not anymore.  I'm getting back on track.

Blog - I've been working on this and I've been please.  If you like what you see, please follow the blog.  That lets me know that people are actually reading.  I've also been inspired to start some of the crafty projects.  I've started a file in my bookmarks of all the projects I'd like to complete.  Sometime soon I really want to make this hanging book display.

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