Friday, March 18, 2011

Five on Friday: Shower Curtains

We have officially moved!  Yay!!!!  We had some *minor* trouble getting the internet switched to our new home.  I was not happy in the least.  But, a very sweet man named Mike finally set us up and we're ready to go again!  Now I can rejoin the blogging world.  For my Five on Friday post this week, I would love to ask your help in choosing a new shower curtain.  Little Man has his own big boy bathroom.  I see tons of super cute children's shower curtains.  Like this one maybe...
So cute!  However, this bathroom is the one that anyone coming over will use.  I'm weird about not wanting it to be overly childish.  Although, I really love the cutesy alphabet!  Here's what I've got instead.  Let me know which one you like.  Pretty please?

I think this one is my favorite right now.  I know it's a children's shower curtain, but it doesn't feel like it's too much.  I wouldn't put those pictures on the wall.  it would probably be something a little more subtle.

There's nothing really exciting about this one.  I would have to find some cute pictures to hang on the wall or something.

I'm a little iffy about this one.  At first I really liked it, but now I don't know that I can picture myself loving it in the bathroom.

I liked this one simply for the green and brown, but I think I like the other one better.

This has nothing to do with Little Man's bathroom, but I absolutely LOVE it!  I'm thinking it would look perfect in my bathroom, right?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu Plan Mondays - Feb. 28

It's officially moving week!  I'm a little stressed.  How did it sneak up on me?  I would also like someone to please explain how on Earth a mom and a little man can accumulate so much stuff!   I went through little man's room last night and found so much that he never even touches!  I have recently become a fan of Freecycle.  This is seriously the greatest thing ever!

Here's the plan for this week.  Let me assure you, it is nothing exciting.  Almost everything is frozen.  It's almost an exact copy of prior weeks.  I'm finally getting to the end of some of these packages of frozen foods.  That means less to move, right?

Monday - bean and cheese burritos
Tuesday - chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes
Wednesday - fish sticks and corn
Thursday - meatball subs
Friday - Pizza Fridays!
Saturday - Ha!  First night in the new apartment.  I'm guessing sandwiches ... or Ramen.
Sunday - Anything we can find!  It might be a drive-thru night.

I know that's a lot of frozen food.  There's nothing to get excited about or really even enjoy eating.  However, I did make a delicious Honeybun Cake that I'll be munching on throughout the week.  I'll try to post the recipe to that sometime (whenever I can take another break from packing).  I promise you'll enjoy that recipe!  :)
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